We want you to have fun and have a good time, but above all, that you do it as safely as possible and for this you have to follow the following rules and recommendations:


The MINIMUM PLAYING AGE to participate is 18 YEARS and older.


The use of impact-resistant goggles is MANDATORY, and it is recommended to wear a protective mouth mask. These items MUST ALWAYS BE WORN, whether in safety zones or on the playing field.

To practice Airsoft safely, it is mandatory to comply with the following safety measures:

The use of goggles that meet one of these levels of protection is mandatory:

European Standard EPI-89/686/CEE, EN166-F. Within this specification, they must be of type A, B, or F (EN166-A, EN166-B, or EN166-F must be engraved on the lens or frame).

American Standard ANSI Z87.1. Within this specification, they must be Z87.1 +.

NATO Ballistic Resistance Standard, STANAG 4296.

NATO Ballistic Resistance Standard, STANAG 2920.

The use of mesh goggles is strictly prohibited.


Players are recommended to have their entire bodies covered, including long sleeves, pants, gloves, knee pads, and high-top boots, to minimize potential damage during the game.


Consumption of ALCOHOL during the game, as well as during breaks, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

SMOKING is NOT ALLOWED throughout the premises, including vapes or similar devices.

The use of NARCOTIC SUBSTANCES is NOT ALLOWED throughout the premises. Players found in such a state will not be allowed to play.

No real weapons, blanks, white weapons, glass, or any other dangerous materials are allowed.

All weapons must be transported outside the premises in accordance with the regulations established by the Civil Guard's firearms intervention, along with the duly completed and valid firearm card.

The field is not responsible for their transportation during transit.

Outside the playing area, weapons must be on safety, without a magazine, and always pointed downward.

Unauthorized test shots on the playing field are prohibited. The chrono area is designated for this purpose, with prior authorization from the organization.

Moving or kicking any elements on the playing field, props, furniture, tires, barrels, and walls is not allowed.

Climbing walls, buildings, or obstacles is prohibited.

Co2 and GAS grenades are not allowed, except for spring-powered ones and 40mm grenades used in grenade launchers.

There is no limit on magazines, whether they are Mid Cap, Low Cap, or Real Cap.

No type of pyrotechnics is allowed.

Any player not adhering to the rules will receive a first verbal warning; on the second instance, they will be expelled from the playing field.

Any form of aggressive/violent behavior towards any member of the field organization will result in the immediate expulsion of the player, a permanent ban from the field, and the corresponding notification of the behavior to the Law Enforcement Authorities.


The field will be open from *8:30 am until *9:30 am when the outer access gates will be closed. *(The schedule may vary depending on the game; refer to the event details or consult with the organization)

For players' safety, the perimeter will be closed, preventing unauthorized access and potential injuries, as well as theft of personal belongings.

In case of a major or justified reason, a player may request opening, and the organization will handle it.


Chrono will be conducted before each game, adhering to the limits set by the organization.

The characteristics of the Airsoft Limit Devices (ALD) will also determine power and minimum impact distance:

PISTOL: 3 meters, 330 FPS, 1 Joule, 0.28g BBs.

RIFLE / SHOTGUN / SUBMACHINE GUN: 5 meters, 350 FPS, 1.14 Joules, 0.28g BBs.

Maximum BB weight to prevent injuries to players: 0.30g.


Breaks will depend on the game and discretion. As a general rule, there will be a break approximately 2 hours after starting, lasting 15 minutes.

If a player needs a break...


Airsoft is a game based on players' honesty. If in doubt, grant your opponent the honor of eliminating you.

If you are hit by a BB anywhere on your body or equipment, shout "dead," raise your weapon, and move to the respawn area.

Dead players do not talk, act as shields, share information, equipment, or ammunition.

Do not engage in excessive aggression against opponents; a single hit is sufficient. We're here to have fun, not to harm each other.

If two players are facing each other within 2 meters and both are aiming their weapons, both players are considered eliminated, and no shots will be fired.

In case of an argument between two players, both will be considered eliminated.

Friendly fire exists; if hit by a teammate, you are eliminated.

No food or drinks are allowed on the playing field except for Camelbacks or canteens. Eating is allowed in the Respawn or Preparation Zone, except in cases of hypoglycemia or similar conditions.

Blind firing (shooting without aiming) is not allowed; you must peek and see where you're shooting. Shooting through holes or gaps in structures is prohibited.

Whenever possible, avoid headshots; always aim for the torso.

Insulting or discriminating against any player for any reason is not permitted.

Do not argue on the playing field; if you suspect a player is cheating, talk to the field organization, and they will attempt to resolve the issue.

Physical contact is strictly prohibited; for rubber knife kills, you can tap your opponent on the shoulder with the rubber knife.

One ballistic shield per team is allowed. If using a ballistic shield, it must be as realistic as possible in terms of weight and dimensions; a fully transparent polycarbonate shield is not acceptable.

Real or fake bulletproof vests and helmets do not serve their purpose in this game.


If a player commits repeated fouls against other players, field personnel, or the facilities, the organization reserves the right to expel the player.

This expulsion can be temporary or momentary, or permanent, with the most restrictive option being enforced.

The organization reserves the right to admission at the time of registration and during the game.

        As it is an activity carried out in a natural environment, there can be holes in the terrain resulting from the activity of animals in the vicinity, such as rabbits or hedgehogs, stones of various sizes, items thrown by individuals from outside the premises, natural earth movements resulting from rain, objects buried in the ground that over time and due to inclement weather emerge to the surface, fallen branches, and various objects.
        Before each game, the personnel of the field inspect the terrain to verify the absence of risks.
        The areas where access is prohibited on the terrain are marked or delimited, and players are informed before the game about the areas that cannot be used.
        At the time of registration, players are aware of the existing risks, and the field is not responsible for falls, impacts, and punctures.
        The activity is covered by insurance and has an Activity License authorized by the City Council of Zaragoza.


    Games can be canceled at any time by the organization.

    The organization undertakes to notify the people who have managed the registrations for the games at the latest 60 minutes before the start of the game via Whatsapp message.

    The main reasons why a game can be canceled are:

    Extreme weather situations that do not allow the practice of the game

    Illness of those responsible for arbitrating or leading the game

    Not reaching the minimum number of players required for each game. In this case, you will be notified 24 hours in advance.

    Causes of force majeure of the organizers

    In the case of cancellation and having made the payment in advance, the full amount paid will be refunded.


    In the case of not showing up on the day of departure or canceling with less than 24 hours, the amount paid for the ticket or rental will NOT BE REFUNDED.

    What is allowed is that another person uses your ticket as long as you previously notify the organization.